Find a permaculture project at permaculture global

Permaculture Global is an interactive database showcasing permaculture projects and practitioners around the world.

If you want to find out who is doing what, and where, in the permaculture world or if you have a project you would like to add to the database visit the website to.. network... share... learn... grow!


[button_link url=" " target="blank" style="blue" title="" class="" id="" onclick=""]Visit Permaculture Global to find a project near you[/button_link]

Find a project

You can search for projects by keyword, and/or filter to specific project types.

You can even constrain your search by climate zone, so you can find others working in similar conditions as yourself.

Add your project

If you have a project of your own, be sure to put it on the map! From a mini-garden on a high rise balcony, to a small residential or larger rural broadacre project, all the way through to a full-blown multi-village aid endeavour in sub-Saharan Africa, readers want to know all about it.

Network, share, learn, grow!


Screen shot of the Permaculture Global projects page, to see the website in action, go to (Map courtesy of Permaculture Research Institute)



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  1. Michele Margolis

    If you click onto the map of Australia in the NSW part you get taken to Ohio first up, not sure this is useful as a national connecting facility as it’s pretty cluttered – the map would be terrific if we could use it for local projects where we live and the graphic representation was like a spider web rather than a linear that just technically too difficult?

  2. PA admin

    Hi Michelle

    The map in the story is a screen shot – if you click on the map above you will be taken to the Permaculture Global projects page. There you will be able to explore projects in your area.



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