Greening the desert Kat Szuminska

Do you want to live sustainably? Are you sick of tasteless food, bland shopping malls and identikit high streets? Worried about climate change, feel that environmental problems like pollution or acid sulphate soils are just too hard to fix?

The problem is the solution

Permaculture is a practical design approach to everyday living, that literally turns problems of any scale on their head so you can solve problems creatively. Sound too good to be true? Think a desert is too hard to fix?

Permaculture practitioner and one of our most prolific members, Geoff Lawton shows us that by simply applying permaculture design methods to this seemingly insurmountable problem, we can even bring deserts back to life.

In Australia

In Australia and around the planet permaculture people are making real difference to our quality of life, helping strengthen communities, rehabilitating our farmlands, water, soils, air and even greening the Australin urban deserts into productive living landscapes now, and leaving a beneficial legacy for future generations to enjoy.

We’re a voluntary organisation, dedicated to bring together the best in Australian permaculture practice, practitioners and students, excellent educational resources for teachers and students, advocating and promoting permaculture projects and events nationally and internationally.


  1. Maureen

    I’ve recently relocated to Kunawarritji, an Aboriginal community in the Western Australian Gibson Desert. We’re currently researching ways to create an edible garden.

  2. Craig D McCredie

    Gday Maureen, I just read your comment! How did you go with creating a food forest in the desert? It can be done with permaculture, I’m in Queensland and would love a job helping to do exactly that. Happy growing! Craig

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