Carolyn Nuttall, Permaculture in schools pioneer

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by Russ Grayson

Carolyn Nuttall based her first book, 'The Childrens Food Forest', on her experience with primary children in food growing projects at Brisbane's Seville Road State School, where she was a teacher. The book marks the start of the use of the permaculture design system in schools and pointed to an alternative direction for environmental education.

More recently, Carolyn wrote a workbook for use in schools and has been guest speaker at conferences of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network (, which hosts permaculture in schools practitioners. That 'The Childrens Food Forest' is still in print is testament to its value after all these years.


  1. Adrienne

    How do i get in contact with Carolyn and her workbook school resources? I am a teacher in Victoria and we are about to offer Certificate III in Permaculture at our school. We would like to integrate it into the curriculum from Prep to year 12.

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