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Permafund grant 2014 details

Guidelines and application form

Applications close midnight 28 February 2014...

Permafund helps turn Permafund donations into something of value to people. It is a way for donors to enact the third ethic of permaculture — sharing their surplus so that others can meet their needs.

There's a few things to think about before filling out a Permafund grant application. Would your project meet a real need? Can your organisation do all of the work involved in doing whatever it is that you want to do? Would your project be the best use of the funds or are there more pressing needs? How could the project work be continued after you have spent the grant funds?

One aspect of permaculture that is dear to us is how we can increase our community’s awareness on the importance of sustainability in its natural environment - disaster preparedness is core to permaculture and we’d love to be able to encourage these kinds of projects this year.

Grants are available for up to AUD $1,000 and larger amounts will be considered if exceptional need and value can be demonstrated.

We will want to know how your project is an example of applied permaculture thinking and design and how you would show that it has been carried out. We have to know these things so we can account to Permafund donors to show that their funds have been used well.

After you have talked to people in your project team and answered these questions, read the Permafund grant guidelines and fill out an application form below.

Grants are available for up to AUD $1,000 and larger amounts will be considered if exceptional need and value can be demonstrated.

Applications to reach the Permafund Committee by midnight on Friday 28 February 2014. Successful applicants will be notified by the 8th of April 2014.

Submissions will be received at:

  • Email:
  • Post: Permafund Grant Application, PO Box A1192, Sydney South, NSW 1235, Australia
  • Fax: 07 5442 1188 (within Australia), +61 7 5442 1188 (from overseas)

Any questions about the grant?

For enquiries, or to discuss your project idea, contact:



Guidelines 2014

Please read grant guidelines carefully before completing the application form which you will find at the bottom of this post.

1.  Amount thresholds and due by dates

Permafund grants are available for amounts up to AUD $1,000 to community based organisations in Australia or overseas to support their work with building sustainable communities.

Applications can be submitted up to midnight on Friday 28 February 2014 and successful applicant s will be notified by the 8th of April 2014.


2.  Who can apply

Applications can only be received from community-based organisations with elected office bearers.  Applications can be in Australia or overseas.  Any groups unsure of their eligibility are encouraged to contact the Grant coordinator (details below).

3.  Purpose

Grants are for activities which demonstrate the ethics and application of Permaculture and support the building of sustainable communities. Preference will be given to applications that show:

  • the applicant has the capacity to complete the work   (realistic & viable)
  • an effective use of available funds and other resources   (value for money)
  • the project is responding to an identified need   (where a need is greatest)
  • an authentic connection with Permaculture   (links with permaculture)
  • the project offers capacity for ongoing activity and value beyond the grant phase   (enduring impact)
  • capacity to provide lessons learnt   (learnings are shared)
  • capacity for verification
  • alignment with objectives of the Australian Government's Registrar of Environmental Organisations:
    "The protection and enhancement of the natural environment, or of a significant aspect of the natural environment; or the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research, about the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment.”
Examples of activities and groups that Permafund grants have supported in the past:
  • For soil conservation and improved land use for food security and sustainable development:
    • establishing a community orchard,    Mullumbimby Community Gardens  NSW
    • establishing a vetiver grass nursery, AAE Community Association, La Gonave Is. Haiti
  • For conservation and assistance for individual species and seeds:
    • support to isolated communities with rare breed camels & sheep, Soc. of Animal Vet & Env. Sci. Pakistan
  • For Community Development through advocacy and education:
    • conference support,  Australian City Farms & Community  Gardens Network
    • community workshops and training, Birallee Pk Community Centre. Wodonga,  Victoria
    • training package and resource development,  Earthcare Education,  New Zealand
    • training centre development,  Badilisha Ecovillage Trust , Mbita, Kenya
  • For mentor support and professional development for community leaders:
    • conference attendance subsidy, Yorta Yorta Indigenous community in Northern Victoria.

4. Additional information you may want to submit

  • letters of support from other partner organisations, people, government officers
  • map of the project location
  • a recent annual report for the organisation or other materials from the organisation.

5. Learning, sharing and reporting

Recipients are expected to report on their project outcome.  This can include brief notes, photos, comments from people involved, copies of receipts, comments from other local organisations.  The critical things are: were the funds well used and what has been learnt from the work.  It does not need to be a long formal report.  The learning and sharing of learning is a major hope for Permafund’s work and where it is appropriate information from grant reports will be used on the PA website to support others considering similar projects.

6. Enquiries

Jed Walker - 2014 Grant Coordinator —

 7. Download relevant documents

Download Grant Guildelines 2013 (pdf document)

 Download Grant Application Form 2013 (pdf document)


Permaculture International Public Fund
Please read grant guidelines carefully before completing this application form

Contact details

1. Organisation’s name:

(Must be a community-based organisation with elected committee of management and capacity to manage funding)


2. Organisation’s postal address:



3. Organisation’s email:



4. Organisation’s responsible person signing for this application:

(President or Secretary or Treasurer)


5. Responsible person’s contacts:




6. Contact person for this project:





7. Organisation’s main purpose and main activities:




About the project you are seeking funding for

8. Project name:


9. Project location:


10. Project description:








11. Project outcome targets:







12. Who will benefit from the project?



13. How were the intended beneficiaries involved in identifying the project idea?



14. How has Permaculture influenced the design of this project?





Permafund grant

15. Amount being applied for:


Grant Budget

16. What will the grant funds be spent on?

(Please outline the grant budget - e.g.: construction materials, equipment, training, educational materials, wages, community meetings, other.)




What other contributions are being received to support this project?

17. Financial: is funding being received from other sources?





18. In-kind: are volunteers assisting and materials being donated?




Project timeline

19. Commencement date:


20. Finish date:


Additional Information

21. List any additional information you are attaching

(e.g. annual report, letters of support, etc)




Declaration - to be signed by a representative of the organisation

I declare all information provided in this application as correct and agree to the terms of funding, monitoring and reporting requested.

22. Signed:

23. Position: 

24. Date: 

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