Permaculture Design Course at Kul Kul Farm Bali with John Champagne

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WHEN: Friday 4 August 2017 until Saturday 19 August 2017
TIME: 8:30am to 10:30am
WHERE: The Kul Kul Farm at Green School Bali Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Badung


4 Aug 2017 08:00 AM — 19 Aug 2017 10:30 AM
Location: The Kul Kul Farm Book Now

Join a Permaculture Design Course in Bali this August for a multi-cultural experience learning ecological design, bamboo building and sustainable living. Learn practical principles and strategies in permaculture whilst meeting an incredible range of environmental entrepreneurs in one of the most abundant permaculture settings in the world. You will be introduced to local Balinese farmers that have for decades interwoven permaculture principles into their cultural and agricultural practices. Join a growing movement of hundreds of thousands of people in Bali and worldwide dedicated to fostering positive ecologically based solutions of how we provide for ourselves and the environment.


john champagne Bali

John’s long involvement in permaculture began when he completed a Permaculture Design Course, (PDC) in Chiltern, Victoria in 1992 with Vries & Hugh Gravestein who were taught by Bill Mollison. It became both a life path and career. With his partner Sharon, they established Brogo Permaculture Gardens in the Bega Valley, NSW 22 years ago, in the temperate climate as both a home to bring up their 5 children and a demonstration site to showcase permaculture on 11 acres. Abundance was created and excess produce from the property is now sold at local outlets under Organic Certification.

Professionally, John’s designed private properties, eco-villages and community & school gardens. His PDC teaching career began in 2004 alongside David Holmgren. John has now taught over 35 PDC’s throughout the temperate climate of SE Australia as well as the tropics of SE Asia since 2010. Together with Sharon, in SE AJohn Champagne 5sia they share a commitment to maintain a high standard of permaculture education through workshops and developing local teachers to deliver the PDC in their language. John’s passion is working at the local grassroots level to build community resilience. He  is recognised as an elder of Permaculture in Australia and was on the Board of Permaulture Australia for 3 years and is currently the convenor of Permafund, a charitable group that receives funds and then distributes them to needy permaculture projects worldwide.


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