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Contact: Georgina Warden
: 0427456699
: Bunbury, WA, Australia

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Would you like to live in an edible landscape? Grow your own fruit, veg and herbs?

Need help to get started?

Permaseed offers a choice of the following:
+ Consultation - Onsite discussion of desires and possibilities
+ Design – From kitchen garden to a whole garden makeover
+ Installation - Using Waterwise practices such as wicking beds and dripline irrigation
+ Maintenance - Ongoing care to keep your garden productive. Leaving your harvest for you to enjoy!
+ Education - Introduction to Permaculture Workshops
+ Assorted Short Courses and Permaculture Design Certificate.

Georgina has studied under Jeff Nugent and Dr Ross Mars - respected teachers, authors and leaders in
Australian Permaculture, Cert II and III Horticulture Cert III, Permaculture Cert III, IV and Diploma.

You can have your garden and eat it too.
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    enabling new initiatives in design for sustainability …

    • offering you vocational education through Accredited Permaculture Training
    • putting your donations to constructive use through our PermaFund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
    • enabling communication and collaboration between permaculture practitioners through Permaculture Australia’s social media.

    By joining us you help us educate and advocate permaculture solutions.

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