Contact: Penelope Kothe
: Canberra, ACT, Australia
Permaculture eXchange is a place of learning and education. We practice and promote ethical sustainable living, farming and community systems including permaculture, regeneration, energy systems, water, soil care. As a non-profit association we are part of and care about local communities and helping to build resilient communities through learning and education.

Permaculture eXchange is the provider of world-class education in Sustainability, Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture systems. Based on the world-renowned courses initiated and taught by Bill Mollison, our courses and workshops offer unique and practical insights which provide you with the ability to create your own sustainable living systems.
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    enabling new initiatives in design for sustainability …

    • offering you vocational education through Accredited Permaculture Training
    • putting your donations to constructive use through our PermaFund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
    • enabling communication and collaboration between permaculture practitioners through Permaculture Australia’s social media.

    By joining us you help us educate and advocate permaculture solutions.

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