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: Riverina, NSW, Australia

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Accredited Cert IV permaculture courses available online through the National Environment Centre (NEC) - a TAFE NSW campus. There is no requirement to visit the NEC but students always welcome. We have a 400 acre certified organic farm and sell through the local farmers market.

We have been teaching non-accredited permaculture for more than 20 years and accredited since 2007.

Diploma online commencing in July 2013. This has Vet Fee Help available - like HECS... nothing payable up front but incur a debt for each semester studied, and payable when a certain income is reached.

Face-to-face courses at Cert III, and a Cert II in combination with English as a Second Language.

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    enabling new initiatives in design for sustainability …

    • offering you vocational education through Accredited Permaculture Training
    • putting your donations to constructive use through our PermaFund tax-deductable donation and granting initiative
    • enabling communication and collaboration between permaculture practitioners through Permaculture Australia’s social media.

    By joining us you help us educate and advocate permaculture solutions.

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