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  1. Kat Szuminska

    Permaculture what?

    I've been on the board at Permaculture International Limited (PIL) for about three months now, and from a personal remit that was essentially a fact finding mission, little by little I begin to see the enormous potential in a future Permaculture Australia. ...reflections by Kat Szuminska
  2. Kat Szuminska

    board meeting December 2009

    or download these minutes as a PDF - PIL board minutes 2-9Dec09 MEETING COMMENCED: 7.30pm, Wednesday December 2, 2009 CHAIRED BY: Gillian Kozicki PRESENT: Sue Mossman, Gillian Kozicki, Russ Grayson, Tim Winton, Jerome Santospirito MINUTES SEC: Jerome Santospirito APOLOGIES: nil CHAIR WELCOME: Gillian opens the meeting at 7.30pm. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: 18Nov 2009 Moved By: Gillian that we accept them Seconded By: Tim Carried BUSINESS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES: - CORRESPONDENCE IN: - CORRESPONDENCE OUT: - AGENDA ITEMS: 1. PILnamechangeoptionsandprocess 2. Financereport 1.0 PIL name change options and process DISCUSSION: Permaculture Australia Ltd is available as corporate name, business name. Sue has ownership of domain name which she has taken out with the intention of donating to PIL. The company name Permaculture Australia Ltd is to be used for legal purposes with Permaculture Australia as the trading name and thus the branding. PIL will require an extraordinary general meeting to be called to change the company name. Some notification required to membership for an extraordinary general and 10% turnout. Moved By: Tim that PIL ensures ‘Permaculture Australia’ is available to propose for name change at an extraordinary general meeting by registering the business name at the office of Fair Trading and reserving it at ASIC Seconded By: Gillian CARRIED Action Jerome to register and reserve name 2.0 Finance report Carried forward as agenda items 5, 6 and 7 due to SKYPE disruption to meeting and decision to adjourn for one week and reconvene by teleconference call. MEETING RECOMMENCED: 7.40pm,...
  3. Kat Szuminska

    board meeting Nov 2009

    View PDF - PIL board meeting minutes 18Nov09 MEETING COMMENCED: 7.30pm, Wednesday November, 2009 CHAIRED BY: Gillian Koszicki PRESENT: Sue Mossman, Gillian Koszicki, Russ Grayson, Tim Winton, Jerome Santospirito MINUTES SEC: Sue Mossman APOLOGIES: nil CHAIR WELCOME: Gillian opens the meeting at 7.30pm. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: - BUSINESS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES: - CORRESPONDENCE IN: - CORRESPONDENCE OUT: - AGENDA ITEMS: 1. Permafund 2. PilDevelopmentopportunities 3. APT 4. APC 10 1.0 Permafund DISCUSSION : Sue identified that the Permafund return has gone in for end of financial year. There has been 3 donations given out in the current year, and one more urgent request for funds for translation document to be used in Uganda. Many thanks to Peter Hardwick and Robyn Francis who have previously helped on the committee. 2.0PIL Development Opportunities DISCUSSION: More volunteers needed to work on site, although students undertaking APT may be interested. More communication/networking needed between PIL, and International, National and other members. Website needs more work, open source resources for PIJ, permaculture articles, Tim to work with Russ, this would add value to membership, to drive the process to have them up and running prior to APC10 although it is important that it be cohesive, an improved website, trading name, etc. Redesign of the webpage, with links, reports Name change to wait while we identify what names are available. MOVED BY: Gillian that we wait while Tim identified what names are currently available for name change. SECONDED BY: Sue CARRIED MOVED BY: Gillian that...

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