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    A time for giving

    FIRST from the Permaculture Australia team, here's our wish for a happy celebration of the festive season to you, your families, your friend and colleagues.
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    Caught in the act

    Permaculture Australia's Virginia Littlejohn stepped into the leadership when she MC's and led the group conversation about the film, 'Edible City', at Fair Food Week 2015 in Sydney.
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    Introducing a few of our people…

    AN ORGANISATION is only as effective as the people who make it up, and Permaculture Australia has a lot of make-it-happen people in its membership. So here's a slide show to celebrate those who keep this organisation running, who solve the problems and who seek the opportunities to make the permaculture design systems more than it is…
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    Seeds: save your own, says Jane

    All the way from Sydney’s Inner West Seedsavers she came, all the way to the Randwick Sustainability Hub to lead a workshop in saving seeds. For those gathered there in the classroom on the edge of the green, the afternoon with Jane Mowbray was one of seed pods, winnowing an gemination testing…


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