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Interested in delivering, teaching or offering APT courses?

The licensing and partnering/auspice options available are explained here for both Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and independent permaculture trainers and groups.

Who can deliver APT?

APT delivery can be provided by
i) individual APT trainers with an ABN,
ii) incorporated Permaculture and Community Organisations employing approved APT™ trainers
iii) Schools and RTOs including Community and Private Colleges and TAFEs employing approved APT™ trainers

Up until 2010, all APT™ delivery was undertaken under an auspice or partnering agreement with PIL-approved RTOs with exclusive approval by PIL for national auspicing of APT™ at all five qualification levels. Now RTOs may apply for a direct license with PIL to add APT units and qualifications to their scope of registration.

Auspice/Partnering Agreements

This option is ideal for independent permaculture trainers and small organisations who are not RTOs to be able to offer APT courses. It also suits RTOs and schools who would like to deliver APT without having to go through the process of licensing and gaining scope of registration.

Eltham College Training Services (ECTS) is the RTO licensed by PIL to provide national partnering and auspices services at all levels of APT.

Intending APT™ providers should contact ECTS to establish the current partnering requirements, terms and fee structure. Under these agreements students are enrolled with the partnering RTO, which issues the qualification and/or Statements of Attainment. The RTO charges a partnering fee per student per semester plus the APT™ royalty fee. The APT™ royalty fee is charged per student registration and varies with the qualification level they are enrolling in.

Eltham College Training Services (ECTS) provides national auspicing (partnering) of APT to independent APT providers and RTO’s for all levels of qualification.
Contact: Andria Kliszewski
1660  Main Road  Research / PO  Box  40,  Eltham, Victoria  3095
Ph: 03 9433  9956 Fax: 03 9437  1881

Licensing of RTO’s

From 2011 PIL has extended licensing agreements for additional RTOs to gain scope of registration for local delivery of APT. These licenses are be specifically for the APT™ qualification and /or units to be delivered by the RTO and do not give the RTO general auspicing rights to partner with third parties for delivery, however they may apply to deliver in more than one campus.

This move is to enable APT delivery in TAFEs and community colleges where course funding is directly tied to course registrations. RTOs may also apply for a licence to import specific APT units into other training programs such as horticulture and CLM.
Please contact APT administration for further information, Fee Schedule and an Expression of Interest to Deliver APT Form.

How to apply for a License to deliver APT

1.Contact APT admin to receive the APT Licensing information kit which includes the full accredited course documentation, Expression of Interest form and current APT License Fee Schedule

2. Complete  the 'Expression of Interest for License to Deliver APT' form and submit to APT admin. This is to ascertain that the RTO has the capabilities and resources to deliver the chosen APT training program.

3. Following a successful expression of interest, the RTO must next submit a full list of units of competency (template provided) they intend to deliver and will then be forwarded the relevant APT-SKOPE Training & Assessment Strategy  unit templates and the License Application Form.

4. The completed documentation (License Application and APT-SKOPEs) must be submitted together with the application fee for processing by the APT License Review committee

5. When the license application is approved and final license fees are paid the RTO will receive its License to Deliver APT agreement so it can proceed with adding the APT qualifications or units of competency to its existing scope of registration.

6. Once delivery commences the RTO will then provide ongoing reports of delivery details each semester and pay a royalty fee for each student enrollment.


Further information re APT delivery and licensing enquiries contact

APT Administration: Robyn Francis:


Becoming an Approved APT Trainer

APT Trainers must be registered with the PIL APT-ATR (Approved Trainers Register) for which they must:

• Be a full member of PIL - this requires prior completion of a certified PDC (Permaculture Design Course) or APT qualification Cert III, IV or Dip

• Hold a Certificate IV in Training And Assessment or AQTF compliant equivalent

• Hold an APT qualification at or higher than the qualification they will teach

• Submit a current CV and 2 references with completed ATR application form

• Pay $50 ATR application fee

Once ATR registration is approved, you will need to upgrade your PIL/PA membership status to ATR member and pay $60 annual renewal fee ($35 PIL membership + $25 ATR annual fee), and join the APT Trainers group on this website.

APT-ATR  Approved Trainers Register:  Information for APT trainers, ATR application

ATR Coordinator: Claire Everett <>


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