2013-2014 PA Directors

Meet the directors

2013 saw 5 of us stand for voluntary positions on the Board with the basic requirements of complying with the regulations of being a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee'.  We feel it’s important to continue to nurture a national, democratic organisation that represents the aspirations of permaculture people and groups.


Andrew Barr (Secretary) — Victoria

APT Trainer from Melbourne who manages the APT working group and is the PA secretary.

john-champagne-150x150John Champagne (Permafund convenor) — South Coast, NSW

PDC teacher, designer and community developer from the Bega Valley, NSW. John Chairs PA meetings and is the convenor of Permafund committee.

madeleine-150x150Madeleine Ford (Treasurer) — Sydney, NSW

Permaculture networker from Sydney/Cairns/South Coast. Is our treasurer and assisting with memberships.

john-mckenzie-150x150John McKenzie — Melbourne, Victoria

Long time overseas Aid & Development worker who is active in the Permafund group and PA Governance issues.

guy-stewart-150x150Guy Stewart (memberships) — Northern NSW

Teacher and community developer from Nimbin, NSW. Guy is helping out with memberships.


  1. Yadav Bhandari

    May 9, 2015

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to join Permaculture course from Permaculture Australia. I am environment activist. Having some plans & project which can bring a new trend in our environmental behavior.

    I have completed I.Sc. and self study for long. Have done many research orientated course. Running an environment related organization with a campaign Love The Nature.

    If you want to know more I will share you later.

    Kindly provide me concern person email ID and Number for immediate contact..

    Thanks & Kind Regards.

    Love The Nature: Loving Yourself.
    Yadav Bhandari

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