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Below is a report from the THREAD project in India which received a grant from Permafund in 2014.

Permafund helps, through micro grants, Australian and overseas groups and communities that carry a permaculture goal. You can help us - donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Grant Report - THREAD Siddharth Village, Orissa India


Lift Irrigation and SRI method of cultivation at Siddharth Village demonstration for the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course.


  • to install a 10 Hp motor to lift water to provide to the field to demonstrate the Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI) method during the ede course under the ‘Ecology’ dimension
  • to construct a pump house
  • to cultivate the field under SRI and train the ede course students and to cultivate rice which will be consumed by the students.

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Words by G. John of THREAD Siddharth Village, Orissa India
Permafund enabled the Siddharth Village Community School of Ecology to move towards self reliance and to empower the local indigenous community through demonstrations of sustainable rice cultivation.

The Permafund grant was used to dig a pond and construct a solar pump that can provide water for rice cultivation.

We can now experiment and demonstrate through training our rice cultivation techniques (SRI - Systematic Rice Intensification). Funds generated can subsidise education cost for ecovillage design for indigenous youth group.

From this, new initiatives sprung up - as biomass is needed for mulching, neem trees were planted near the paddy field. The leaves can be collected for mulching and to sell for making neem powder, thus helping indigenous people's livelihood.

Ecovillage Design Education EDE course for indigenous youth now has been easier to provide the education for more people without any cost. Thanks to permafund who made it possible.Words by G. John of THREAD Siddharth Village, Orissa India


  1. Carol Galvez

    February 5, 2015

    Great to see like-minded permies in Asia. I would like to know if the Permafund is available for 2015 and if so, when is the deadline. We need angels! Thank you

    Carol @ThePitakProject

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