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The Badilisha Ecovillage Foundation Trust based in Lake Victoria (Kenya) sent us some updates on their project. They had received a $500 grant from Permafund in 2012/2013 to help with the installation of solar panels for their education centre.

Here are their words:

The Grant was awarded to Badilisha Ecovillage towards Installation of solar panels at Badilisha to facilitate the creation of a digital computerized Permaculture resource centre on top of the already existing books and resource base, to enable the local community to learn more themselves using online tools and be able to participate in various permaculture online forums and discussion lists as away of letting them know what other permies are doing elsewhere.

“Thinking globally but acting locally”.

With the KSH39,817 (AUD 500) grant we received, Badilisha successfully managed to execute the project, and the solar panels are now installed and mounted on the roofs and are producing enough power which can serve our power needs.

However the project has not taken off 100 percent as we are still waiting for some donated used computers to arrive. We intended to use used and recycled computers to set up this resource centre, and we are yet to receive them here in Kenya.

And as at now the installed solar panels are enabling Badilisha to get income through community cell phone charging, we also have security lights the whole night, also we have two computers which we are already using that works successfully with the available power from the solar panels.

On behalf of the Rusinga Island communities, Badilisha would like to thank Permafund for investing in our communities. This grant has enabled us to make great steps towards realizing our goal of becoming sufficient with power needs and promoting permaculture in the local community.

We have attached some photos of the installed solar panels.

Badilisha Ecovillage Solar Panels

Badilisha Ecovillage Solar Panels


Badilisha Ecovillage Sola Panels (batteries)

Badilisha Ecovillage Sola Panels (batteries)

Badilisha Ecovillage Solar Panels installation

Badilisha Ecovillage solar panels installation

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