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Held in Turangi, New Zealand, April 2012

Photos taken by Russ Grayson at the APC11, landscape photos...

Social permaculture workshop in the Main Hall with Robin Clayfield

Refuelling—one of the successful innovations at APC11, the coffee cart

A morning session in the main hall, with some of the 500 who came for the convergence

A bioregional working group

Dan Palmer (Permablitz) & Jude Fanton (Seed Savers' Network)

Dancing before lunch, Hawaiian dance class at the Marae

Food from local farms for lunch, a dining hall overflow tent was made from bamboo hoops with a tarp over

Leonie Shanahan (left), caught with a mouthful of food chatting with Fiona Campbell

Gia is from Hawaii where she works in food systems

Adelaide Crew at the APC11, Sue at left, the Rare Fruit Society's Harry Harrison on right

Lance Lieber adds to a bioregional plan

Lance Lieber (lt)—Transition Bondi, Steve Poole—Aldinga Arts Ecovillage & Fiona Campbell

The Seed Savers' Network's Michel Fanton

End of the day relaxing, once the evening bar was open the conversation and music started

Impromptu music with Robyn Clayfield at far end and April Sampson-Kelly, seen partially at left

The NSW crew

Robyn Francis (centre) with Aboriginal women with whom she worked from the Murray valley

The Victorian crew

April Sampson-Kelly, with some local food at the APC11 shop

Lots to explore plenty of books on sale at the APC11 shop

The end of day three of the convergence was marked by an excellent party, live music, children's performance and a good time to all

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  1. kat

    May 8, 2012

    looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!

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