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ROBYN FRANCIS works internationally as a permaculture teacher, designer, activist, writer and presenter since doing her PDC in 1983.

One of the founding directors of Permaculture International Ltd and of Permaculture College Australia she lives at Djanbung Gardens permaculture education and demonstration centre in Nimbin Ntn NSW.  Key achievements include designing Jarlanbah permaculture hamlet, NSW’s first community title and ecovillage development and her involvement establishing the Accredited Permaculture Training™.

She has taught well over 100 PDC’s including co-teaching the first permaculture course in India with Bill Mollison in 1987. Robyn has developed and delivers a range of advanced courses for permaculture practitioners and those involved with community development, sustainable aid and professional design. She is currently one of the APT administrators and on the PIL board.

Passions include bamboo building, gourd crafting, gardening, cooking and generally 'walking the talk'.

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