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  1. PA News — December 2014

    PA activities proposed for APC 12, what's happening with PermaFund, its upcoming gathering in Katoomba NSW and its grants program, and news from Accredited Permaculture Training... all in this report form the PA Board of Directors…



  1. Will anti-Islam link discredit Permaculture?

    A Northern NSW "permaculture farmer" calling for a boycott of halal foods and linked with an alleged far-right anti-Islamic group could bring the permaculture design system into disrepute if her beliefs are taken to be representative of permaculture.
  2. Using the moon as a guide

    The cycles of the moon have influenced gardeners from diverse cultures over many centuries. While science may not fully understand why planting by the moon works, anecdotal evidence sugsgest that it does.


  1. Vale Vries Gravestein — an eulogy

    Vries’ solid background in agricultural education and organics maintained the agriculture side of permaculture that sometimes can get lost in the broad church of permaculture.
  2. Hobart City Farm gets growing

    Down in Hobart there's a hard-working team of fine folk creating the Hobart City Farm. For the sake of having a healthy food system, we need these types of enterprises popping up EVERYWHERE in Australia. Lets be sure to help this one make the transition from dream into reality. Share if you care!
  3. Mt Hawthorn Urban Chook Network — WA

    Transition Town Mount Hawthorn is a community group closely aligned with Permaculture West. We received a small grant from the WA Waste Authority to create a community network around chickens in Mt Hawthorn.
  4. The Joel Salatin Effect in Australia

    So just how relevant or valuable IS an American farmer like Joel Salatin coming to Australia to talk small farm skills and enterprise planning?
  5. Artwork competition

    Ross Mars is looking for a colour cover for his forthcoming book tentatively titled 'The Permaculture Resource Book - Strategies, techniques and skills for the transition to a sustainable world'. Submission to be in by 16 January 2015
  6. Participatory proofreading: an offer

    Authors need proofreaders to correct typos and delinquent grammar, and to comment on what they read. That’s why I’m requesting your assistance in joining this participatory proofreading offer.


  1. Creating a Perma-Culture

    Factsheet: What permaculture seeks to create are societies, economies and ways of producing our needs that are resilient and adaptable to change.


  1. Robyn the activator

    Great video @Robyn Francis. A low key, humane and down to earth biographical portrayal that discloses your motivations in pursuing your way of life.

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