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  1. Permaculture Noosa is turning 21!

    It’s hard to believe but twenty-one years ago Permaculture Noosa Inc. had its humble beginnings at its first public meeting held at the Nippers’ Club in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
  2. Reflection of APC12 Penguin

    Permaculture Australia’s John McKenzie shares his thoughts on the recent permaculture convergence in Penguin, Tasmania.
  3. What’s up in Permaculture Victoria?

    The change of name from Permaculture Melbourne to Permaculture Victoria some 18 months ago seemed simple enough, and far better represented the spread of members further out than Melbourne...


  1. Remix album Launch Party — 11 July 2015

    The single will be out on June 12th (including a couple of bonus tracks) and will be followed closely by the album, which will be launched on July 11th at Bar 303 in Northcote, Melbourne. Go give it a spin right now and put the 11th of July in your diaries!
  2. Teacher, dancer, gardener

    EDUCATOR, dancer, garden agriculturist… is it possible to teach an internet-based permaculture design course, grow your own vegetables and fruit (while keeping your chooks and ducks away from them) and to be a Flamenco dancer?


  1. Creating a Perma-Culture

    Factsheet: What permaculture seeks to create are societies, economies and ways of producing our needs that are resilient and adaptable to change.


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  • Christine Carroll posted an update in the group Permafund 1 week, 2 days ago

    For the past few years Permafund has been supporting a community organisation on La Gonave island in Haiti- AAE. We’ve provided two small-grants for nursery and planting programs, organised two locals to attend the international permaculture conference in Cuba and do the PDC there, organised permie volunteers to visit and work on the island and…[Read more]

  • Christine Carroll posted an update in the group Permafund 1 week, 2 days ago

    A Tropical Permaculture Guidebook – a gift from Timor Leste.
    The Permatil team has been active in Timor Leste for the past 15 years supporting communities with their food, water and shelter. In 2006 Permatil gathered together the knowledge learnt and published ‘A Permaculture Guidebook from East Timor’ that was a practical reference guide to…[Read more]

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