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  1. News from directors — February 2015

    Permaculture Australia will be at the Australian Permaculture Convergence in Tasmania next month and we look forward to meeting all of you who get there.

    We're holding the AGM as part of the PA report at Penguin. The PA session is scheduled for Wednesday 11th March, starting at 11.30am and expected to run through till 1:30pm or 2:00pm
  2. Notice of 2015 Annual General Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Permaculture International Limited members will be held at APC12 in Penguin, Tasmania...


  1. Internship applications now open

    We welcome applications to become an intern at the new 2 acre ETHOS FARM in the heart of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, QLD Australia. Next internships starts 13 July 2015.
  2. Will anti-Islam link discredit Permaculture?

    A Northern NSW "permaculture farmer" calling for a boycott of halal foods and linked with an alleged far-right anti-Islamic group could bring the permaculture design system into disrepute if her beliefs are taken to be representative of permaculture.


  1. Permaculture and the emergence of Big Business

    Permaculture has achieved what the movement wished just a couple of decades ago. It is in the mainstream. It has become a common word and it is now having to shine it's boots and pull up it's socks.
  2. A PDC in an Ashram

    With teaching from David Holmgren, Su Dennett and other leading practitioners, this PDC attracted students from every continent, to hear the latest on how to design for a sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Vale Vries Gravestein — an eulogy

    Vries’ solid background in agricultural education and organics maintained the agriculture side of permaculture that sometimes can get lost in the broad church of permaculture.
  4. Hobart City Farm gets growing

    Down in Hobart there's a hard-working team of fine folk creating the Hobart City Farm. For the sake of having a healthy food system, we need these types of enterprises popping up EVERYWHERE in Australia. Lets be sure to help this one make the transition from dream into reality. Share if you care!


  1. Creating a Perma-Culture

    Factsheet: What permaculture seeks to create are societies, economies and ways of producing our needs that are resilient and adaptable to change.


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