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  1. Profiling Permaculture in Australia — a survey April 2014

    Your participation in the survey will benefit to the permaculture movement by creating a picture of where, how and by what types of organisations and individuals the design system is practiced. Find out how to complete the survey ...



  1. Creating a Perma-Culture

    Factsheet: What permaculture seeks to create are societies, economies and ways of producing our needs that are resilient and adaptable to change.


  1. Robyn the activator

    Great video @Robyn Francis. A low key, humane and down to earth biographical portrayal that discloses your motivations in pursuing your way of life.


  1. On tour with Milkwood

    IF SEEING is believing then maybe the students of the current Milkwood permaculture design course will believe that permaculture has a role in projects larger than the home garden...
  2. Seed saving with Jane

    IMAGINE THIS we're in downtown Randwick and we see a woman who crunches a handful of dried stems and pods taken from some vegetable plant, swirls the stuff around in a wide tray, gently blows on it and ...


  1. Changeology

    IT WAS LATE SUMMER when thirty or so people gathered at the Randwick Community Centre for day one of the two day Changeology course with veteran social change educator, Les Robinson

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  • Here’s a chance to make some money. Well maybe a little bit, and some fame!
    Artwork Competition
    Have a dream to get published. Ross Mars is looking for a colour cover for his forthcoming book tentatively titled “The Permaculture Resource Book – Strategies, techniques and skills for the transition to a sustainable world”.
    Book size is 200 mm wide…[Read more]

  • PA admin posted an update in the group Permaculture clips 2 days, 4 hours ago

    Robyn Francis is a person gardener. For over 30 years she has taught communities across the world about Permaculture, empowering them with practical ways to produce food, regenerate damaged landscapes and connect community.

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