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  1. Rosemary — our Permafund Ambassador

    Permaculture Australia's Permafund ambassador, Ro Morrow, speaks of the benefits of the organisation's small funded projects. John Champagne, Permaculture Australia's Permafund convenor, also appears in the video...

  1. Make your money count – 2015 Grants

    Eight thousand dollars may or may not sound much to us in this country, but imagine how far it can take you if you’re in Kenya, India or Cameroon… Eight thousand dollars is what Permafund redistributed last year as part of our 2015 Grant process. Organisation Project Country Otepic Kenya Schools Tree Planting Kenya CENDEP Cameroon Food forest education and...
  2. Permafund’s support to Kenyan community

    Food security and commuity development are being enabled by a community currency in this Kenyan project that received funds from Permaculture Australia's Permafund scheme.


  1. Wow… we’re online at last!

    And now you can follow us as we invent the thirteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence — APC13 in Perth, Western Australia.
  2. Postcard from IPCUK

    Recently, we went to IPCUK – International Permaculture Conference and Convergence in London. I have been going to Permaculture Conferences since 1996 and they are a great chance to glean new ideas and get a sense of where the movement is headed...
  3. Presentations at APC13

    Submissions are now open for presentations, workshops and specific sessions during APC13.
  4. Seeds: save your own, says Jane

    All the way from Sydney’s Inner West Seedsavers she came, all the way to the Randwick Sustainability Hub to lead a workshop in saving seeds. For those gathered there in the classroom on the edge of the green, the afternoon with Jane Mowbray was one of seed pods, winnowing an gemination testing…
  5. Permaculture Calendar 2016 — yes, it’s that time of year again

    It arrives every year as if to remind us that with a little planning we can make better things happen. Now, it's arrived again and the Permaculture Calendar 2016 is here to reflect our permaculture back to us and to prod us into asking… what does next year's adventure in good permaculture design hold?
  6. Opening day — IPC UK 2015

    Permculture Australia's Ian Lillington made the long journey from rural Victoria to London to attend this year's international Permaculture Convergence. He sent this report at the end of the first day.


  1. Introducing a few of our people…

    AN ORGANISATION is only as effective as the people who make it up, and Permaculture Australia has a lot of make-it-happen people in its membership. So here's a slide show to celebrate those who keep this organisation running, who solve the problems and who seek the opportunities to make the permaculture design systems more than it is…


  1. Creating a Perma-Culture

    Factsheet: What permaculture seeks to create are societies, economies and ways of producing our needs that are resilient and adaptable to change.


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